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Suffered monetary losses from dealing with dishonest Forex, Binary Options, crypto, or CFD brokers?

In case of potential violations, you can get your money back!

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Being dragged into a financial hazard can be a lot to handle. Dealing with illicit businesses and resolving the matter on your own is quite a challenge. That's why we want you to know that you're not alone. 

Cyber Recovery Group has a team of dedicated financial experts who can help you put an end to the story. We have the tools and means for uncovering overzealous brokerage or Forex trading companies that overstepped their regulatory boundaries. In the end, we know how to deal with such.

We ensure that each of our staff members is a professional in a certain field. That's how we can provide you with a wide range of services and ensure you take the necessary actions to correct what's wrong and get justice.

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Regain Control Over Your Finances. Cyber Recovery Group can help you dispute all suspicious transactions and recover what's rightfully yours.

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What Do We Do?

The trading market is quite popular. However, it can be potentially dangerous for both newcomers and experienced traders. With numerous unregulated businesses currently operating, you must be aware of potential risks.

Once you interact with these companies and disclose your personal information, they may take advantage of you. Then you're left to seek justice in the legal process.

Online connectivity enables these companies to hide real identities and present themselves as something they're virtually not. That way, anyone can fall for their story.

As a first-time investor, you may have difficulties distinguishing between the good and bad. And we understand you. Our main goal is to protect you and your rights in case of potential violations. We take our job seriously. Each case is checked separately, and we're ensuring to pay attention to all the details. If there's something suspicious, we will help you take the necessary actions.

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Dispute resolution with Forex brokers.
Dispute resolution with Binary Options brokers.
Dispute resolution with stock market brokers.
Tracing and assisting with complex cryptocurrency transactions.
Reviewing bank transfers and credit card transactions.

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